NOX, a night soul-journey Offer

Created By: Tim Ozpagan


Lessons: 15
Video: 0.9 Hours
NOX, a night soul-journey ritual is designed to introduce the student to methods for developing a personal experience of magick. This short series of seminars are designed as an introduction to the NOX ritual retreat.

  Videos are downloadable for offline viewing.

What's Inside This Offer?

NOX, a night soul-journey

How to use these seminars
Introduction and aims of the NOX seminars
The journeys of NOX
T. Thorn Coyle interviews Tim Ozpagan on the NOX ritual (52:17)
How Dark Circle evolved from the NOX ritual
The qabalah of NOX
Nuit, goddess and mother of the night sky and stars
Anubis Downunder
Deserts as soulful places
Nocturnal dreaming — place of the NOX
Trance Dances
Outline of the Ritual
NOX Ritual
Book References
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