Selenium WebDriver with Java & Cucumber BDD

Created By: Trevor Page


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Lessons: 75
Video: 6.3 Hours
Build a start to finish web automation testing framework and simulate user behavior on a web application + LIVE TEST APP
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Selenium WebDriver with Java & Cucumber BDD

Introduction (04:21)
Demo: See WebDriver in Action (02:13)
Installing Selenium IDE (02:)
Record & Run with Selenium IDE (02:24)
Modifying Test Data (01:56)
Exporting Selenium IDE to Java Code (02:18)
Preparing the Test Environment (04:22)
Getting Started with Java and Eclipse (03:20)
Quiz #1
Creating the Login Test Outline (04:20)
Opening a Web Browser with Selenium (04:45)
Understanding HTML and the DOM (03:34)
Finding Elements using Chrome (03:24)
Simulating User Actions on a Web Page (05:39)
Capturing Text on a Page (03:02)
Capturing the Page Title and Closing the Browser (03:50)
Quiz #2
Overview of New Account Application (02:31)
Preparing Environment with Firefox and Firebug (04:07)
Writing the Test Outline and Opening a Firefox Browser (03:27)
Item Locator: By LinkText (03:05)
Item Locator: By Name and By ID (03:41)
Item Locator: By XPath (Relative and Absolute) (08:22)
Item Locator: By CSS Selector (05:16)
Comparing Methods and Priority (03:38)
Interacting with Form Elements (10:16)
Completing the New Account Application (01:45)
Quiz #3
Using Variables to Parameterize Data (04:48)
Cross-Browser Testing (05:06)
Creating the DriverFactory (09:36)
Defining WebElements (06:07)
The Radio Button Algorithm (05:12)
The Checkbox Algorithm (04:57)
Conditional Test Results (05:47)
Introduction to JUnit Framework (05:47)
Assertions: Generate Test Results (04:21)
Annotations: Guiding the Test Flow (03:34)
Class Variables within a Framework (04:54)
Installing TestNG Framework in Eclipse (02:34)
Setting up a TestNG Framework (05:50)
TestNG Assertions (03:15)
TestNG Annotations (05:37)
Preparing a Test Suite (11:57)
Managing an XML Test Suite (05:18)
The CSV Reader Class (08:03)
JUnit @Parameters (10:59)
Data-Driven Testing with JUnit and CSV (12:47)
The Excel Reader Class (07:59)
TestNG @DataProvider (04:45)
Data-Driven Testing with TestNG and Excel (05:33)
Quiz #4
Overview of Booking Application (02:02)
Setting up the Test (03:53)
Writing the Search Page Test Step (07:59)
Modifying the Search Result Criteria (Implicit Waits) (10:41)
Selected a Search Result (Advanced XPath Locators) (11:07)
Switching Windows and Handling PopUps (07:50)
Finishing the Booking and Confirmation (08:29)
What is the Page Object Model? (06:21)
Setting up a Test with POM (03:33)
Implementing the Login Page Class (06:25)
Implementing the Dashboard Page Class (04:20)
Writing a Test with Page Objects (06:22)
Enhance POM with PageFactory (10:55)
What is BDD and Cucumber? (01:36)
Preparing the Cucumber Environment (03:18)
Writing a Feature File in Gherkin (05:54)
Writing Step Definition Class (05:58)
Writing the TestRunner with JUnit (04:08)
Implementing Step Definitions with Selenium (05:51)
Enhancing Feature Files with Data Tables (06:06)
Parameterizing Data into Step Definitions (03:13)
Executing Tests and Fixes (07:09)
Quiz #5
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